Engraving & customization

Add your own personal touch and enhance your table setting presentation with custom stamping and engraving from Helcometals. Available on most patterns in stainless steel, silver plated and sterling silver, custom stamping enables to create a look that is uniquely yours with monograms, logos and more. Custom engraving allows you to add your mark to a variety of styles and designs. No matter what your need, you can rely on Helcometals to support you and your business with quality products and dependable service.

Die Charge

Stamping requires different size dies so that design is in proper proportion to the size of the handle. Depending on the type of flatware piece, up to four different dies may be required.

  • Die A

    Tea Spoon
    Demitasse Spoon
    Iced tea spoon
    Cake fork

  • Die B

    Dinner fork
    Dessert fork
    Dessert spoon
    Dinner spoon
    Soup spoon
    Fish fork & Knife

  • Die C

    All mono block

  • Die D

    All serving pieces

Silver plating

At Helcometals we can provide silver plating services guaranteed 10 microns or 20 microns.

After sales service

Our professional customer services and excellent quality control system ensure and guarantee replacement for pieces. You can also replace your original without replacing the whole set. At Helcometals we provide our customers with polishing and welding services.

Special orders

Helcometals has the capability to produce special orders for hollow ware, according to your design and specification. Minimum quantities of productions depend on the type of product requested.

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